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Gunnar Wolf
System administrator / programmer Instituto de Investigaciones Ecnómicas — Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Hannah Frost
- -
Hans Scholte
developer University of Amsterdam
Hans Christian Toftesund
Head of Market TIND Technologies Invenio, library system, repository systems, web interface, web library, e-library
Hardy Pottinger
Programmer/Analyst University of Missouri Library Systems DSpace, Islandora, Hydra
Harrison Inefuku
Digital Repository Coordinator Iowa State University
Harry Enman
Volunteer UPEI
Heather Heckman
Assistant Director & Curator MIRC, University of South Carolina Moving images, Islandora, Preservation
Hilde Colenbrander
cIRcle Digital Repository Coordinator University of British Columbia Library Digital repositories, Open access, DSpace, Assessment
Hillary Corbett
Scholarly Communication Librarian Northeastern University
Holly Mercer
Associate Dean University of Tennessee
Imma Subirats
information management specialist FAO of the UN
Ivan Masar
commiter DSpace
James Doiron
Manager, Health Research Data Repository (HRDR) University of Alberta
James Evans
- BioMed
James Halliday
Programmer/Analyst Indiana University DSpace
jane richardson
Database manager European Food Safety Agency Epidemiology, data management, food safety, open access
Jane Costello
Sr. Instructional Designer DELTS - Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jane Miller
Team Leader, Library Systems University of Melbourne
Jean Liu
Data curator and blog editor Altmetric Article level metrics, altmetrics
Jean-Claude Guedon
Professor Universite of Montreal
Jennifer Phillips
Metadata & Catalog Services Librarian UCAR - NCAR Library
Jennifer Hirschman
Product Manager ITHAKA/JSTOR Archives, Science Fiction, Software Development, Organizational Management, Meditation
Jeremy Friesen
Project Applicatino Developer University of Notre Dame Ruby, Rails, Testing
Jessica Colati
Digital Initiatives Librarian Worcester Polytechnic Institute digital preservation, digital repositories, digitization workflows, metadata, discovery and access platforms
Jill Sexton
Head, Digital Repository Services UNC Chapel Hill
Jill Evans
Open Access and Data Curation Manager University of Exeter
Jim Coble
Digital Repository Developer Duke University Libraries
Jimmy Tang
Senior Software Engineer Digital Repository of Ireland
Jon Dunn
Interim Assistant Dean for Library Technologies Indiana University
Jon Gibson
Software Developer University of Texas Libraries Fedora Commons, Islandora, DSpace, Metadata, Beer, Food
Jonathan Markow
Chief Strategy Officer DuraSpace
Jonathan Green
Chief Technology Officer DiscoveryGarden
Joseph Rhoads
Digital Repository Manager Brown University Library
Jozsef Bone
Database Programmer / Digital Repository Manager Open Society Archives @ Central European University Python, MySQL, Fedora Commons, Koha, DSpace, Java, Vaadin
Jozsef Gabor Bone
IT Developer KEE
Justin Coyne
Sr. Developer Data Curation Experts
Jyrki Ilva
Information system specialist National Library of Finland
Kara Van Malssen
- -
Karen Keiller
Director, Information Services & Systems University of New Brunswick
Karen Estlund
Head, Digital Scholarship Center University of Oregon
Karen Cariani
Director - Media Library & Archives WGBH Educational Foundation
Karen Colbron
Digital Archives Manager WGBH Educational Foundation
Karoly TImari
Web Developer Open Society Archives
Katherine Lynch
Senior Digital Library Applications Developer Temple University Libraries Islandora, Fedora, large file sizes in active repositories, managing metadata in active repositories
Kazu Yamaji
Associate Professor National Institute of Informatics
Kei Kurakawa
Associate Research Professor National Institute of Informatics Digital library for scholarly communications on the Web is the current research topic. I am working on researcher identifier management system, the Researcher Name Resolver, which provides researcher identifiers for Japanese researchers. The identifiers are used to identify authors in digital libraries, such as institutional repositories for both publications and data. I am also a lead developer of KAKEN, a database of Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research in Japan. It characteristically provides researcher pages to list their achievements. Identifiers of scholarly digital objects and creators become the key to analyze structure of knowledge and research trends., My research interests include information technology to develop digital library systems on the Web and analyze the nature of research. Web-oriented technology, semantic web, information retrieval, machine learning, and statistical models are the keywords., Past research interests are design science, design engineering, user interface, groupware and software engineering. These fundamental researches affect my current works as a basis for that digital library systems development.
Keith Gilbertson
Digital Technologies Development Librarian Virginia Tech
Kelli Babcock
Special Projects Librarian University of Toronto Scarborough
Kenneth Hole
Head of Finance TIND Technologies Invenio
Kevin Kidd
Head of Library Systems and Applications Boston College Libraries Institutional Repositories, Digital Collections, Library APIs
Kevin Bowrin
Programmer Carleton University
Kevin Clarke
Institutional Repository Programmer UCLA Java, XML, metadata, PHP, Islandora, Fedora, digital collections
Kimberly Chapman
Campus Repository Service Manager / Assistant Librarian, Scholarly Publishing and Data Management Team University of Arizona Libraries institutional repositories, DSpace, library publishing services, open access, journal hosting, impact measures
Kirsta Stapelfeldt
Repository/Islandora Manager University of Prince Edward Island
Ladd Hanson
Assistant Director, IT Architecture and Strategy University of Texas at Austin
Lee Taylor
IT Team Leader University of Exeter DSpace, SWORD, Globus, Gridftp
Lee Taylor
Open Access and Data Curation Manager University of Exeter
Libbie Stephenson
Director, Archivist, Data Manager Social Science Data Archive, UCLA
Limor Peer
Associate Director for Research (ISPS) Yale University Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Linda Newman
Head, Digital Collections and Repositories University of Cincinnati Libraries DSpace, Fedora, Linked Data, APIs
Linda Richter
Innovation Coordinator PALS
Ling He
Digital Services Librarian York University
Luis Faria
Innovation Director Keep Solutions
M Stevens
- -
Margaret Vail
Dalhousie Libraries System Developer Dalhousie University DSpace, Islandora, Coding, Hackfest, Programmer
Marius Gerecht
Senior Researcher German Institute for International Educational Research Educational Research, Meta Data Management, Documentation and archiving research data
Mark Bussey
Managing Director Data Curation Experts Hydra, Rails, Classical Guitar
Mark Wood
Lead System Programmer Indiana University
Mark Jordan
Head of Library Systems Simon Fraser University Library Repository interoperability, digital preservation
Mark Ratliff
Digital Repository Architect Princeton University Open Access Policies, DSpace, Open Data Repositories, Camping, Hiking, Ice Hockey
Mark McFate
Digital Library Applications Developer Grinnell College Open Source! Technology + the Great Outdoors = Geocaching.
Mark Cooper
Professor University of South Carolina
Mark Phillips
Assistant Dean for Digital Libraries University of North Texas Libraries
Mark Newton
Production Manager Columbia University scholarly publishing in libraries
Martin Lhotak
Director Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic open source, digital libraries and repositories
Matt Schultz
Program Manager MetaArchive Cooperative
Matteo Bertazzo
Digital Library & e-Learning Project Manager CINECA InterUniversity Consortium
Matthew Drover
Programmer Memorial University of Newfoundland
Matthew Short
Metadata Librarian NIU Libraries
Matthew Critchlow
Development Manager UC San Diego Library
Matthias Razum
Head e-Science FIZ Karlsruhe
Matthias Hahn
Software Developer FIZ Karlsruhe
Matthias Walter
- -
Maude Frances
Library Repository Services Manager University of New South Wales, Australia
Maureen Walsh
Institutional Repository Services Librarian / Associate Professor The Ohio State University
Melissa Anez
Islandora Training/Support Coordinator University of PEI
Melissa VandeBurgt
Digital Services Librarian Florida Gulf Coast University Library
Michael Giarlo
Digital Library Architect Penn State University linked data, hydra project, digital preservation, repository architecture, software development, identifiers, metadata, RDF, semantic web
Michael Kistler
PhD Student Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics, University of Bern
Michael Witt
Assistant Professor Purdue University Library Science, Data Curation
Michael Haft
Bioinformatics & Web Development Manager Freshwater Biological Association
Michael Durbin
Senior Programmer University of Virginia Library Digital Preservation, Data Modeling
Michael Friscia
Manager, Digital Library Yale University Library
Michael Parry
Digital Initiative Coordinator, Library Technology Services, Library Victoria University of Wellington
Michael Bolton
Director, Digital Initiatives Texas A&M University Libraries
Michael Dula
Yale University Library Chief Technology Officer Yale University
Michele Kimpton
CEO DuraSpace
Michelle Ervine
Applications Administrator Virginia Tech education, technology, shopping
Mike Daines
Applications Analyst UNC-Chapel Hill