Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Track Typeclick to toggle sort Author(s)
Digital Preservation Best Practices: Lessons Learned from the Experts Workshops and tutorials Casey Hilliard, Anthony Leroy, Slavko Manojlovich, Courtney Mumma, Benoit Pauwels, David Tarrant
Focus on Your Content, Not on Ingesting Your Content DSpace User Group Terrence Brady
The ResourceSync Framework for Resource Synchronization Workshops and tutorials Simeon Warner
Slice & Dice your repository usage: 
Google Analytics for DSpace workshop DSpace User Group Bram Luyten
Introduction to Github: Modern source code managment for DSpace (workshop) DSpace User Group Bram Luyten
A Digital Preservation Repository for Duke University Libraries Fedora User Group David Chandek-Stark, Jim Coble
A Light-Weight DevOps Approach to Islandora Fedora User Group Peter Murray
Digital Asset Management and Publication with LadyBird Fedora User Group Eric James
Usage Statistics powered by Elastic Search DSpace User Group Peter Dietz
DSpace REST API panel DSpace User Group Peter Dietz, Reinhard Engels, Bill McKinney, Richard Rodgers, Hardy Pottinger, Anja Le Blanc
Moving BIG DATA into DSpace DSpace User Group Lee Taylor
Re-rendering of Deposit History EPrints User Group Bin Han
Moving metadata: batch ingesting from Sirsi WorkFlows to the DSpace workspace DSpace User Group Ling He
Reproducing Metadata Between TSpace and Bioline International: A Study of Managing Interoperability DSpace User Group Kelli Babcock, Sarah Forbes
DSpace SWORDv2: A Technology How-To DSpace User Group Richard Jones
Implementing ResourceSync for DSpace DSpace User Group Richard Jones, Stuart Lewis
Extending an atomistic Fedora-Commons object model to facilitate image segmentation and enhance discovery Fedora User Group David Lacy
Update on the Islandora Project and Community Fedora User Group Mark Leggott
Integrate external bibliographic services in DSpace submission process to make self-deposit easy and improve metadata quality and presence of full-text DSpace User Group Andrea Bollini, Susanna Mornati
The sharing and re-use of research data and outputs via the application of RADAR, The Glasgow School of Art’s research repository EPrints User Group Robin Burgess
The Demonstration Test Catchment Archive: a progress report Fedora User Group Richard Gartner, Michael Haft, Mark Hedges
Mirror mirror on the wall does your repository reflect it all? EPrints User Group Peter West, Timothy Miles-Board
Implementing an altmetrics reporting service into DSpace using DSpace User Group Stacy Konkiel, Jim Halliday, Euan Adie
Institutional Repositories Dealing with Data: What a difference a ‘D’ makes! Workshops and tutorials Alicia López Medina, Sarah Jones, Robin Rice, Kathleen Shearer, Angus Whyte
CSpace – A More Practical and Customizable Repository Platform Serving Local Needs DSpace User Group Zhongming Zhu, Wangqiang Zhang, Wei Liu, Xiaona Yao, Linong Lu