Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Titleclick to toggle sort Track Type Author(s)
Facilitating Re-use of PhD Research Data General conference Paper Gareth Cole, Jill Evans, Hannah Lloyd-Jones
Focus on Your Content, Not on Ingesting Your Content DSpace User Group Terrence Brady
FRACAS: Fedora Role-based Access Control and Security. An implementation of role-based access control in the Fedora Enhanced Security Layer (FeSL). Fedora User Group Gregory Jansen, Jill Sexton
From Open Access Metadata to Open Access Content: Two Principles for Increased Visibility of Open Access Content General conference Paper Petr Knoth
Giving them what they want: Using Data Curation Profiles to guide Datastar development General conference Poster Sarah Wright, Wendy Kozlowski, Dianne Dietrich, Huda Khan, Leslie McIntosh, Gail Steinhart
Heavenly Collaboration: Chronopolis and DuraCloud General conference 24x7 Andrew Woods, David Minor
Holistically Preserving and Presenting Complex Research Data General conference Poster Chad Mills
Hosting your services in the cloud - Lessons DuraSpace has learned General conference Paper Andrew Woods
How partnership accelerates Open Science: High-Energy-Physics and INSPIRE, a case study of a complex repository ecosystem. General conference Paper Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen, Bernard Hecker, Annette Holtkamp, Salvatore Mele, Heath O'Connell, Kirsten Sachs, Tibor Simko, Thorsten Schwander
Hydra: State of the Project Fedora User Group Tom Cramer, Justin Coyne, Dan Coughlin, Jeremy Friesen, et al.
Implementing an altmetrics reporting service into DSpace using DSpace User Group Stacy Konkiel, Jim Halliday, Euan Adie
Implementing Name Authority Control into Institutional Repositories: A Staged Approach General conference Paper Hannah Tarver, Laura Waugh, Mark Phillips, Will Hicks
Implementing ResourceSync for DSpace DSpace User Group Richard Jones, Stuart Lewis
INSPIRE: Using Personal Repositories to Increase Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories General conference Poster James French, Allison Powell, Benjamin Hadden, Thien-Huong Tran, Kelly Croswell
Institutional Repositories Dealing with Data: What a difference a ‘D’ makes! Workshops and tutorials Alicia López Medina, Sarah Jones, Robin Rice, Kathleen Shearer, Angus Whyte
Integrate external bibliographic services in DSpace submission process to make self-deposit easy and improve metadata quality and presence of full-text DSpace User Group Andrea Bollini, Susanna Mornati
Integrating your repository with the DataONE network General conference 24x7 Ryan Scherle
Intro to Hydra Workshops and tutorials Tom Cramer, Bess Sadler, Mark Bussey, Robin Ruggaber
Intro to Hydra for Developers Workshops and tutorials Mark Bussey
Introducing DSpace 3.1 DSpace User Group Hardy Pottinger
Introduction to Github: Modern source code managment for DSpace (workshop) DSpace User Group Bram Luyten
Invisible Repositories, Re-Use and Reproducible Research General conference Paper Wolfram Horstmann
Islandora Web ARChive Solution Pack General conference 24x7 Nick Ruest
jquery.xmleditor General conference 24x7 Ben Pennell
Leveraging Tools and Standards to create an Image Annotation Framework for [Islandora] Repositories Fedora User Group Donald Moses, Paul Pound