Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Trackclick to toggle sort Type Author(s)
Bending the rules without breaking the repo: Using free RDF description in Fedora Commons repositories General conference Poster Adam Soroka
Synchronize your resources with ResourceSync General conference 24x7 Simeon Warner
Use of Solr and Xapian in the Invenio document repository software General conference Paper Patrick Glauner, Jan Iwaszkiewicz, Jean-Yves Le Meur, Tibor Simko
INSPIRE: Using Personal Repositories to Increase Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories General conference Poster James French, Allison Powell, Benjamin Hadden, Thien-Huong Tran, Kelly Croswell
Developing the Irish National Trusted Digital Repository for the Humanities and Social Sciences: an interdisciplinary approach General conference Paper Natalie Harrower, Sharon Webb, Jimmy Tang, Damien Gallagher, Eoin Kilfeather, Seathrun Ó Tuairisg, Sandra Collins
From Open Access Metadata to Open Access Content: Two Principles for Increased Visibility of Open Access Content General conference Paper Petr Knoth
A mash-up of a Japanese Open Repository and a Researcher CV Platform General conference Poster Kazu Yamaji, Toshihiro Aoyama, Satoru Bannai, Noriko Arai
Crowdsourcing HCI for the institutional repository General conference Poster Stephanie Taylor, Emma Tonkin
Amazon Glacier: Why to use it, When to use it, and What it will cost you. General conference 24x7 Bill Branan
DuraCloud for Dummies: Should I Stay or Should I Go [to the cloud]? General conference 24x7 Carissa Smith
Heavenly Collaboration: Chronopolis and DuraCloud General conference 24x7 Andrew Woods, David Minor
Hosting your services in the cloud - Lessons DuraSpace has learned General conference Paper Andrew Woods
Datastar – A Semantic Registry for Research Datasets General conference 24x7 Dean Krafft, Kathy Chiang, Jon Corson-Rikert, Huda Khan, Wendy Kozlowski, Brian Lowe, Leslie McIntosh, Mary Ochs, Gail Steinhart, Sarah Wright
All About DSpaceDirect General conference Poster Carissa Smith
Repository solutions for time-based media General conference Panel Claire Stewart, Karen Cariani, Declan Fleming, Todd Grappone, Brian Tingle
Sharing Data-Rich Research through Repository Layering General conference Paper Stephen Abrams, Angela Rizk-Jackson, Julia Kochi, Noah Wittman
RAD-UNAM: Genesis and evolution of a repository administrators group General conference Paper Gunnar Wolf, Pablo Miranda
Automatic reproduce metadata from the log of HTTP server General conference Poster Toshihiro Aoyama, Yuta Suzuki, Kazutsuna Yamaji
A Book, a Web Browser and a Tablet: How Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Book Viewer Framework Makes It Possible General conference Paper Youssef Mikhail, Mohammed Abu Ouda, Ahmed Omar
Developing the Repository Manager Community General conference Paper Brian Kelly, Nick Sheppard, Jill Evans, Yvonne Budden
An Open Access Triptych: IsItOpenAccess, the Open Citations Corpus and IDFind General conference Paper Richard Jones, Mark MacGillivray, Emanuil Tolev, Cameron Neylon, David Shotton
Using easyLOD to Expose Your Repositories as Linked Data General conference 24x7 Mark Jordan
SEO Analysis of Institutional Repositories: What's The Back Story? General conference Poster Brian Kelly, William Nixon
What is P-CUBE? General conference Poster Suntae Kim
Redirecting Web service for ORCID to scholarly systems via the Researcher Name Resolver General conference Poster Kei Kurakawa, Hideaki Takeda