Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Track Typeclick to toggle sort Author(s)
One process to rule them all? The role of a repository platform in the management of digitized cultural heritage at the National Library of Finland DSpace User Group Jyrki Ilva, Esa-Pekka Keskitalo
Revelation, Brand, and Quality: Content Acquisition and Curation for the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository General conference 24x7 Stuart Tucker
Islandora Web ARChive Solution Pack General conference 24x7 Nick Ruest
Synchronize your resources with ResourceSync General conference 24x7 Simeon Warner
Amazon Glacier: Why to use it, When to use it, and What it will cost you. General conference 24x7 Bill Branan
DuraCloud for Dummies: Should I Stay or Should I Go [to the cloud]? General conference 24x7 Carissa Smith
Heavenly Collaboration: Chronopolis and DuraCloud General conference 24x7 Andrew Woods, David Minor
Datastar – A Semantic Registry for Research Datasets General conference 24x7 Dean Krafft, Kathy Chiang, Jon Corson-Rikert, Huda Khan, Wendy Kozlowski, Brian Lowe, Leslie McIntosh, Mary Ochs, Gail Steinhart, Sarah Wright
Using easyLOD to Expose Your Repositories as Linked Data General conference 24x7 Mark Jordan
Enlighten: The evolving (and key) research management roles of the Institutional Repository General conference 24x7 Susan Ashworth, William Nixon
Counting on OpenDOAR General conference 24x7 Peter Millington
Delivering on the Promise of Persistence: Testing Your Archive General conference 24x7 Jeremy Friesen
An Investigation into Journal Research Data Policies: Lessons from the JoRD Project General conference 24x7 Marianne Bamkin, Jane Smith, Paul Sturges, Azhar Hussain
Reusing modern tools and techniques to reproduce and research ancient texts General conference 24x7 Anna Jordanous, Alan Stanley, Charlotte Tupman
WordShack: A Vocabulary Registry for Preservation Repositories General conference 24x7 Robin Wender, Bobbi Fox, Chris Vicary, Andrea Goethals, Wendy Gogel, Randy Stern
jquery.xmleditor General conference 24x7 Ben Pennell
Connecting the Networks General conference 24x7 Graham Triggs
Beyond one size fits all. A tiered model for digital preservation General conference 24x7 Umar Qasim, Sharon Farnel, John Huck
The Virtual Skeleton Database: An open access repository for biomedical research and collaboration General conference 24x7 Michael Kistler, Marcel Pfahrer, Roman Niklaus, Viktor Tomas, Philippe Büchler
Integrating your repository with the DataONE network General conference 24x7 Ryan Scherle
Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Repository – Strategies for Nimble Rebuilding General conference 24x7 Linda Newman
Creative Re-Use of geographic and historical data and documents General conference 24x7 Linda Newman
Training, the (not so) secret key to repository survivability General conference 24x7 Bess Sadler, Mark Bussey
Dissertations, Discovery, and Open Access Distribution General conference 24x7 Polly Thistlethwaite
Repository solutions for time-based media General conference Panel Claire Stewart, Karen Cariani, Declan Fleming, Todd Grappone, Brian Tingle