Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Track Typeclick to toggle sort Author(s)
Migrating Repository Islands General conference Panel Mark Leggott, Richard Shrake, Mitch MacKenzie
Sisyphean Task or the Holy Grail? Satisfying Demands of Higher Education through Community-Driven Open Source Projects General conference Panel Robert Cartolano, Robin Ruggaber, Tom Cramer
Using Linked Data to Integrate Resources from Cultural Heritage Institutions across Canada General conference Paper Anne Ward, Pam Armstrong, Marg Stewart
Reuse of economic data: aggregating and storing vintages of economic data for future use General conference Paper Katrina Stierholz, Christian Zimmermann
Use of Solr and Xapian in the Invenio document repository software General conference Paper Patrick Glauner, Jan Iwaszkiewicz, Jean-Yves Le Meur, Tibor Simko
Developing the Irish National Trusted Digital Repository for the Humanities and Social Sciences: an interdisciplinary approach General conference Paper Natalie Harrower, Sharon Webb, Jimmy Tang, Damien Gallagher, Eoin Kilfeather, Seathrun Ó Tuairisg, Sandra Collins
From Open Access Metadata to Open Access Content: Two Principles for Increased Visibility of Open Access Content General conference Paper Petr Knoth
Hosting your services in the cloud - Lessons DuraSpace has learned General conference Paper Andrew Woods
Sharing Data-Rich Research through Repository Layering General conference Paper Stephen Abrams, Angela Rizk-Jackson, Julia Kochi, Noah Wittman
RAD-UNAM: Genesis and evolution of a repository administrators group General conference Paper Gunnar Wolf, Pablo Miranda
A Book, a Web Browser and a Tablet: How Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Book Viewer Framework Makes It Possible General conference Paper Youssef Mikhail, Mohammed Abu Ouda, Ahmed Omar
Developing the Repository Manager Community General conference Paper Brian Kelly, Nick Sheppard, Jill Evans, Yvonne Budden
An Open Access Triptych: IsItOpenAccess, the Open Citations Corpus and IDFind General conference Paper Richard Jones, Mark MacGillivray, Emanuil Tolev, Cameron Neylon, David Shotton
ORCID Implementation in Open Access Repositories and Institutional Research Information Management Systems General conference Paper Pablo De Castro, Simeon Warner
Understanding and Improving Research Data Management in the Visual Arts: Case Study of the KAPTUR Project General conference Paper Robin Burgess
DaQS - Developing a scientific service for the reuse of questionnaire items in the context of educational research General conference Paper Marius Gerecht, Alexander Schuster
Facilitating Re-use of PhD Research Data General conference Paper Gareth Cole, Jill Evans, Hannah Lloyd-Jones
The Jorum Paradata Enhancement Project: Integrating Discovery and Usage Analytics for Open Educational Resources General conference Paper Richard Jones, Sarah Currier
Compliance with Funders' Mandates – FACT General conference Paper Peter Millington, Jane H. Smith, Azhar Hussain, Bill Hubbard
How partnership accelerates Open Science: High-Energy-Physics and INSPIRE, a case study of a complex repository ecosystem. General conference Paper Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen, Bernard Hecker, Annette Holtkamp, Salvatore Mele, Heath O'Connell, Kirsten Sachs, Tibor Simko, Thorsten Schwander
The Academic Preservation Trust consortial approach to preservation and services General conference Paper Scott Turnbull, Adam Soroka
4A Data Management. Acquiring, Acting-on, Archiving & Advertising research data at the University of Western Sydney General conference Paper Peter Sefton, Peter Bugeia
The Digital Preservation Network: Architecture, Processes and Policies General conference Paper David Minor, Tom Cramer, James Simon, Scott Turnbull
Supporting the preservation lifecycle in repositories General conference Paper Luis Faria, Christoph Becker, Kresimir Duretec, Miguel Ferreira, José Carlos Ramalho
Using SKOS and FOAF for Name Authority in the Institutional Repository General conference Paper Tom Johnson