Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Trackclick to toggle sort Type Author(s)
Customizing STEM Instruction with Educational Digital Libraries General conference Poster Tamara Sumner, Michael Wright, Dean Krafft
WordShack: A Vocabulary Registry for Preservation Repositories General conference 24x7 Robin Wender, Bobbi Fox, Chris Vicary, Andrea Goethals, Wendy Gogel, Randy Stern
Link it or don't use it: transitioning metadata to linked data in Hydra General conference Poster Karen Estlund, Tom Johnson
The Repository as Data (Re) User: Hand Curating for Replication General conference Poster Limor Peer
Supporting the preservation lifecycle in repositories General conference Paper Luis Faria, Christoph Becker, Kresimir Duretec, Miguel Ferreira, José Carlos Ramalho
jquery.xmleditor General conference 24x7 Ben Pennell
Using SKOS and FOAF for Name Authority in the Institutional Repository General conference Paper Tom Johnson
More than seeing what sticks: Aligning repository assessment with institutional priorities General conference Poster Harrison W. Inefuku, Sarah Passonneau
Connecting the Networks General conference 24x7 Graham Triggs
Beyond one size fits all. A tiered model for digital preservation General conference 24x7 Umar Qasim, Sharon Farnel, John Huck
The Virtual Skeleton Database: An open access repository for biomedical research and collaboration General conference 24x7 Michael Kistler, Marcel Pfahrer, Roman Niklaus, Viktor Tomas, Philippe Büchler
Phase One of the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository General conference Poster Jeremy Williams, William Block, Warren Brown
Implementing Name Authority Control into Institutional Repositories: A Staged Approach General conference Paper Hannah Tarver, Laura Waugh, Mark Phillips, Will Hicks
Invisible Repositories, Re-Use and Reproducible Research General conference Paper Wolfram Horstmann
An Overview of the U of A Health Research Data Repository (HRDR): Development, Current status, and Future Steps General conference Poster James Doiron
The Great Data Continuum General conference Paper Anusha Ranganathan, Neil Jeffries
Integrating your repository with the DataONE network General conference 24x7 Ryan Scherle
Migrating Repository Islands General conference Panel Mark Leggott, Richard Shrake, Mitch MacKenzie
Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Repository – Strategies for Nimble Rebuilding General conference 24x7 Linda Newman
Creative Re-Use of geographic and historical data and documents General conference 24x7 Linda Newman
Holistically Preserving and Presenting Complex Research Data General conference Poster Chad Mills
Modular Curation for ETD Repositories General conference Paper Matt Schultz
College Publishers and Institutional Repositories: The case of EDUFBA and RIUFBA General conference Poster Flavia Rosa, Milton Shintaku, Rodrigo Meirelles, Tiago Ferreira
Addressing Impediments to Reuse – The Open Folklore Portal General conference Poster Julie Hardesty , Jennifer Laherty , Garett Montanez
Sisyphean Task or the Holy Grail? Satisfying Demands of Higher Education through Community-Driven Open Source Projects General conference Panel Robert Cartolano, Robin Ruggaber, Tom Cramer