Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Titleclick to toggle sort Track Type Author(s)
UK RepositoryNet+: Turning Repository Projects into Services General conference Poster Andrew Dorward
Understanding and Improving Research Data Management in the Visual Arts: Case Study of the KAPTUR Project General conference Paper Robin Burgess
Update on the Islandora Project and Community Fedora User Group Mark Leggott
Usage Statistics powered by Elastic Search DSpace User Group Peter Dietz
Use of Solr and Xapian in the Invenio document repository software General conference Paper Patrick Glauner, Jan Iwaszkiewicz, Jean-Yves Le Meur, Tibor Simko
Using easyLOD to Expose Your Repositories as Linked Data General conference 24x7 Mark Jordan
Using Linked Data to Integrate Resources from Cultural Heritage Institutions across Canada General conference Paper Anne Ward, Pam Armstrong, Marg Stewart
Using SKOS and FOAF for Name Authority in the Institutional Repository General conference Paper Tom Johnson
What is P-CUBE? General conference Poster Suntae Kim
What to Do When Google Ignores Your Fedora Objects Fedora User Group Robin Dean, Jonathan Green
Where Next for Institutional Repositories? Workshops and tutorials Balviar Notay
WordShack: A Vocabulary Registry for Preservation Repositories General conference 24x7 Robin Wender, Bobbi Fox, Chris Vicary, Andrea Goethals, Wendy Gogel, Randy Stern
Working Toward an Integrated Digital Humanities Platform in Islandora Fedora User Group David Wilcox, Shauna Slaven
ZENODO ‐ A new innovative service for sharing all research outputs General conference Poster Nikos Kasioumis, Lars Holm Nielsen, Christopher C Erdmann