Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Trackclick to toggle sort Type Author(s)
Trust in Repositories: Building and Measuring Trustworthiness Using TRAC General conference Paper Nancy McGovern
Repository Redux: The Future of Fedora General conference Paper Tom Cramer, Mark Leggott, Edwin Shin, Robin Ruggaber, Wolfram Horstmann, Rob Cartolano, Matthias Razum, Jonathan Markow
Training, the (not so) secret key to repository survivability General conference 24x7 Bess Sadler, Mark Bussey
Embed Audio and Video from Kaltura Streaming Server into Lume General conference Poster Manuela Klanovicz Ferreira, Afonso Comba de Araujo Neto, Adriana Jouris, Zaida Horowitz, Janise Silva Borges da Costa, Caterina Groposo Pavão
Dissertations, Discovery, and Open Access Distribution General conference 24x7 Polly Thistlethwaite
OPENAIREPLUS: Supporting Repository Interoperability through Guidelines General conference Poster Nikos Kasioumis, Pedro Príncipe, Eloy Rodrigues, Najla Rettbuerg, Jochen Schirrwagen, Mathias Loesch, Paolo Manghi, Michael Karstensen Elbæk, Lars Holm Nielsen
ZENODO ‐ A new innovative service for sharing all research outputs General conference Poster Nikos Kasioumis, Lars Holm Nielsen, Christopher C Erdmann
Digital Preservation Best Practices: Lessons Learned from the Experts Workshops and tutorials Casey Hilliard, Anthony Leroy, Slavko Manojlovich, Courtney Mumma, Benoit Pauwels, David Tarrant
The ResourceSync Framework for Resource Synchronization Workshops and tutorials Simeon Warner
Institutional Repositories Dealing with Data: What a difference a ‘D’ makes! Workshops and tutorials Alicia López Medina, Sarah Jones, Robin Rice, Kathleen Shearer, Angus Whyte
Where Next for Institutional Repositories? Workshops and tutorials Balviar Notay
Curator's Workbench Workshop Workshops and tutorials Gregory Jansen
Intro to Hydra for Developers Workshops and tutorials Mark Bussey
Intro to Hydra Workshops and tutorials Tom Cramer, Bess Sadler, Mark Bussey, Robin Ruggaber