The Czech Digital Library - Fedora Commons based solution for aggregation, reuse and dissemination of a digital content

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Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
aggregation, reuse of the content, digital library, open source development
General conference

The goal of the project presented in the paper is to create the Czech Digital Library which will aggregate digital libraries operated by libraries in the Czech Republic. Fedora Commons Repository serves as the cornerstone and all outputs of further development are available under GNU General Public License. The Czech Digital Library will serve both as a common interface for end users and as a primary data provider for international projects. Tools to support complex digitization processes which include processing, workflow monitoring, archiving and dissemination of digital materials owned by a variety of memory institutions, especially libraries, are developed as a part of the project. The solution is built upon the current situation in the Czech environment, outputs from previous digitization and development projects are being used. The Kramerius system, open source Fedora Commons repository based software used for digital data dissemination in all kinds of libraries, academic included, is the core of the solution.

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