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Developer's Challenge Ideas

A full description of the 2013 Developer's Challenge and associated hackfest is available here, but in a nutshell: We want your ideas. We are looking for submissions ranging from general concepts to a specific requirement using a specific repository system.

These ideas will be presented to the OR community a few days before the event starts and then will be pitched to Hackfest participants in more detail at the Hackfest pre-conference day (Monday, July 7th). Teams and resources will be put together around the ideas presented, and then those teams will then head off to their preferred locations for the day, continuing their efforts through the next 2 days of the main conference event, and presenting their outcomes to the community during Show & Tell on Thursday, July 10 from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. Judges will then consider the presentations, and awards will be given out the next day during the Winner's Showcase.

This year’s conference theme is Use, Reuse, Reproduce. Let us know what that means for you, in the form of an awesome idea for the Developer's Challenge, by completing the form below.