Open Repository

Open Repository is a hosted solution from BioMed Central that builds and maintains customized DSpace repositories on behalf of institutions and organizations. This allows an institution to preserve and showcase its intellectual output to a larger and unrestricted audience.

As a pioneer of the open access movement, BioMed Central identified the demand within the community for a repository service. With an ever-increasing number of institutions adopting a repository in order to showcase their intellectual output and comply with various open access policies now in effect, Open Repository was launched in 2004.

Despite the software costs involved in building a repository being relatively low there are many additional issues, such as staffing and upgrade costs, that make running an in-house repository solution both a costly and time consuming activity. Due to this, many organizations have chosen to take advantage of BioMed Central’s existing infrastructure and open access knowledge when setting up their repository, allowing administrators time and freedom to concentrate on populating the repository.