OR2013 Stats

Who You Are

305 people attended Open Repositories 2013 this year. If you were one of them:

  • There was a 3.3% chance your name was Peter.
  • There was a 2.9% chance your name was Mark
  • There was a 2% chance your name was Sarah

Where You're From

Added together, the attendees of OR2013 traveled a combined 960,000 km (560,000 miles) - or an average of 3000 km (1900 miles) each to get here.

To put that in perspective, with that kind of mileage you could have:

  • Gone to the moon and back and a little better than halfway there again.
  • Circled the Earth 24 times.
  • Walked back and forth across PEI 3503 times.

If you were from the US, you and your cohort of 149 traveled a total of 320,000 km (average 2100 km) to attend.

If you were from Canada (and you didn't already live here), your cohort of 60 racked up 60,000 km getting to the Gentle Island (average 1700 km - again, if you didn't already live here)

If you were from the UK, you were one of 31 who collected a total of 135,000 km of travel.

If you were from Australia, you were one of 4 and all together you traveled more klicks than all of Canada's attendees: 68,000 km total.

If you traveled more than 10,000 km all on your own to get here, you were in a group of 13, spearheaded by the University of Melbourne and their OR2013 record-setting 17,500 km journey.

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