An Overview of the U of A Health Research Data Repository (HRDR): Development, Current status, and Future Steps

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University of Alberta
General conference

The Health Research Data Repository (HRDR), located within the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canada, entered its operational phase in January 2013. The HRDR employs secure remote access for its approved users and is a secure and confidential environment for supporting health related research projects and the management of their data/metadata. Additionally, the HRDR has a mandate to promote educational opportunities regarding research data management best practices. One of the initial projects underway within the HRDR is collaboration with Metadata Technologies North America (MTNA) and Nooro Online Research in developing a data infrastructure platform for supporting a Longitudinal Monitoring System (LMS) using data collected within the Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC) project ( Specifically, the LMS data infrastructure platform uses DDI based metadata to support the collection/ingestion, harmonization, and merging of TREC data, as well the timely delivery of reports/outputs based on these data. Development of the HRDR, as well as a current overview of its status and projects will be discussed. Specific focus will be placed upon the development, current status, and forward work relating to the TREC Longitudinal Monitoring System project.

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