Revelation, Brand, and Quality: Content Acquisition and Curation for the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository

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The World Bank
acquisition; curation; quality; repository; DSpace; discoverability; partnerships; open access; Open Knowledge Repository
General conference

In a world of ever-expanding access to information growing at exponential rates, repositories are now not just about discoverability, but are becoming more about collections, filtering, quality, and brand. It is not enough to “have it”: it must be what the researcher needs from a source the reader trusts and organized in a logical intuitive manner.

This presentation provides an overview of the World Bank’s Open Access initiatives and the challenges presented for acquisition, organization, and curation of the Bank’s highest quality research and knowledge materials for its Open Knowledge Repository.

It reviews some of the unique approaches to the use of DSpace software adopted by the Bank to facilitate the Bank’s document submission workflow needs. This outlines the unique nature of content acquisition, evaluation, and ingestion, including sharing information on the nature of content discovery in a diffuse organization like the Bank. Finally, the presentation summarizes the new mission-focused partnership initiatives which the Bank is pursuing in order to increase discoverability of its and other’s research.

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