[Panel] Research Data and Repositories (to 10:30)

Advancing knowledge in all fields of research will now require curation, collection, management, access and long-term preservation of digital data sets. Research libraries are planning and experimenting with how to put digital data policies, workflows and economic models in place to ensure that data will persist to serve researchers and institutions far into the future. Institutional repositories are increasingly facing the issue of how to handle, store, and make available larger and larger research datasets.

This panel will be divided into two portions: the bulk of the time will be spent with presenters representing the three major open source repository platforms who will discuss the current challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions for the preservation and use of digital research data in repositories. During the second part of the session, presenters will discuss work in development for two repository platforms. There will be ample time for questions and conversation with the audience.

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10 July 09:00 - 09:30