Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Trackclick to toggle sort Type Author(s)
Digital Asset Management and Publication with LadyBird Fedora User Group Eric James
Extending an atomistic Fedora-Commons object model to facilitate image segmentation and enhance discovery Fedora User Group David Lacy
Update on the Islandora Project and Community Fedora User Group Mark Leggott
The Demonstration Test Catchment Archive: a progress report Fedora User Group Richard Gartner, Michael Haft, Mark Hedges
An evaluation of the building of a new tool to test the scalability of a trusted digital repository Fedora User Group Sinéad Redmond, Damien Gallagher
Developing a Metrics Dashboard for Islandora Fedora User Group Peter MacDonald
Turning the Page on Digital Content Fedora User Group Donald Moses, David Wilcox
Leveraging Tools and Standards to create an Image Annotation Framework for [Islandora] Repositories Fedora User Group Donald Moses, Paul Pound
Re-imaging the Institutional Repository Fedora User Group Dawn Hooper, Donald Moses, Paul Pound
FRACAS: Fedora Role-based Access Control and Security. An implementation of role-based access control in the Fedora Enhanced Security Layer (FeSL). Fedora User Group Gregory Jansen, Jill Sexton
The Challenge of Archival Film: An Islandora Solution for Big Video Fedora User Group Mark Cooper, Heather Heckman
What to Do When Google Ignores Your Fedora Objects Fedora User Group Robin Dean, Jonathan Green
Of Hats and Islandora (the Tuque story) Fedora User Group Jonathan Green
Working Toward an Integrated Digital Humanities Platform in Islandora Fedora User Group David Wilcox, Shauna Slaven
Metadata Management in Islandora Fedora User Group David Wilcox, Kirsta Stapelfeldt
Expanding Metadata Reuse with an Islandora Metadata Extraction Utility Fedora User Group Serhiy Polyakov, William E. Moen
Meeting Unique Media Repository needs through Shared Code Fedora User Group Mark Bussey, Tom Cramer, Karen Cariani, Jon Dunn, Mike Giarlo, Claire Stewart, Adam Wead, Adam Hallet
Building Fedora Futures Fedora User Group Edwin Shin
Hydra: State of the Project Fedora User Group Tom Cramer, Justin Coyne, Dan Coughlin, Jeremy Friesen, et al.
OAI-PMH harvesting metadata and virtual datastream General conference Poster Giancarlo Birello, Ivano Fucile, Valter Giovanetti, Anna Perin
Using Linked Data to Integrate Resources from Cultural Heritage Institutions across Canada General conference Paper Anne Ward, Pam Armstrong, Marg Stewart
Reuse of economic data: aggregating and storing vintages of economic data for future use General conference Paper Katrina Stierholz, Christian Zimmermann
Digital Repository Infrastructure: Should you rent or buy? General conference Poster Robin Dean, Ed Fugikawa
Revelation, Brand, and Quality: Content Acquisition and Curation for the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository General conference 24x7 Stuart Tucker
Islandora Web ARChive Solution Pack General conference 24x7 Nick Ruest