Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Title Track Type Author(s)
Challenge to Data-intensive Science: cooperation of metadata database for upper atmospheric research and author ID General conference Poster Yukinobu KOYAMA, Kei KURAKAWA, Yuka SATO, Yoshimasa TANAKA, Shuji ABE, Tomoaki HORI, Norio UMEMURA, Atsuki SHINBORI, Satoru UeNo, Manabu YAGI, Akiyo YATAGAI
Integrate external bibliographic services in DSpace submission process to make self-deposit easy and improve metadata quality and presence of full-text DSpace User Group Andrea Bollini, Susanna Mornati
Understanding and Improving Research Data Management in the Visual Arts: Case Study of the KAPTUR Project General conference Paper Robin Burgess
Client based interface and proxy server for content re-use framework based on OAI-PMH General conference Poster Takao Namiki
The sharing and re-use of research data and outputs via the application of RADAR, The Glasgow School of Art’s research repository EPrints User Group Robin Burgess
The Czech Digital Library - Fedora Commons based solution for aggregation, reuse and dissemination of a digital content General conference Poster Martin Lhotak
The Demonstration Test Catchment Archive: a progress report Fedora User Group Richard Gartner, Michael Haft, Mark Hedges
Enlighten: The evolving (and key) research management roles of the Institutional Repository General conference 24x7 Susan Ashworth, William Nixon
Mirror mirror on the wall does your repository reflect it all? EPrints User Group Peter West, Timothy Miles-Board
Counting on OpenDOAR General conference 24x7 Peter Millington
Collaborative repository to support food and feed safety risk assessment in Europe General conference Poster Jane Richardson, Lara Congiu, Cristiano Morganti, Patrizia Pirro, Elisa Aiassa, Sadia Noorani, Diane Lefebrve, Didier Verloo
DaQS - Developing a scientific service for the reuse of questionnaire items in the context of educational research General conference Paper Marius Gerecht, Alexander Schuster
Facilitating Re-use of PhD Research Data General conference Paper Gareth Cole, Jill Evans, Hannah Lloyd-Jones
Delivering on the Promise of Persistence: Testing Your Archive General conference 24x7 Jeremy Friesen
Defiant Objects: managing non-standard deposits in institutional repositories General conference Poster Sarah Molloy, Rebecca Randall
Implementing an altmetrics reporting service into DSpace using DSpace User Group Stacy Konkiel, Jim Halliday, Euan Adie
The Jorum Paradata Enhancement Project: Integrating Discovery and Usage Analytics for Open Educational Resources General conference Paper Richard Jones, Sarah Currier
Institutional Repositories Dealing with Data: What a difference a ‘D’ makes! Workshops and tutorials Alicia López Medina, Sarah Jones, Robin Rice, Kathleen Shearer, Angus Whyte
CSpace – A More Practical and Customizable Repository Platform Serving Local Needs DSpace User Group Zhongming Zhu, Wangqiang Zhang, Wei Liu, Xiaona Yao, Linong Lu
Where Next for Institutional Repositories? Workshops and tutorials Balviar Notay
An evaluation of the building of a new tool to test the scalability of a trusted digital repository Fedora User Group Sinéad Redmond, Damien Gallagher
An Investigation into Journal Research Data Policies: Lessons from the JoRD Project General conference 24x7 Marianne Bamkin, Jane Smith, Paul Sturges, Azhar Hussain
Giving them what they want: Using Data Curation Profiles to guide Datastar development General conference Poster Sarah Wright, Wendy Kozlowski, Dianne Dietrich, Huda Khan, Leslie McIntosh, Gail Steinhart
An Investigation into Journal Research Data Policies: Lessons from the JoRD Project General conference Poster Marianne Bamkin, Jane Smith, Paul Sturges, Azhar Hussain
Compliance with Funders' Mandates – FACT General conference Paper Peter Millington, Jane H. Smith, Azhar Hussain, Bill Hubbard