Accepted Sessions

The following proposals have been accepted for Open Repositories 2013. This list is a work in progress and will gain entries as the review process is completed.

Titleclick to toggle sort Track Type Author(s)
Reusing modern tools and techniques to reproduce and research ancient texts General conference 24x7 Anna Jordanous, Alan Stanley, Charlotte Tupman
Revelation, Brand, and Quality: Content Acquisition and Curation for the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository General conference 24x7 Stuart Tucker
SEO Analysis of Institutional Repositories: What's The Back Story? General conference Poster Brian Kelly, William Nixon
Sharing Data-Rich Research through Repository Layering General conference Paper Stephen Abrams, Angela Rizk-Jackson, Julia Kochi, Noah Wittman
Sisyphean Task or the Holy Grail? Satisfying Demands of Higher Education through Community-Driven Open Source Projects General conference Panel Robert Cartolano, Robin Ruggaber, Tom Cramer
Slice & Dice your repository usage: 
Google Analytics for DSpace workshop DSpace User Group Bram Luyten
Supporting the preservation lifecycle in repositories General conference Paper Luis Faria, Christoph Becker, Kresimir Duretec, Miguel Ferreira, José Carlos Ramalho
Synchronize your resources with ResourceSync General conference 24x7 Simeon Warner
Tell me what I need to know: generating reports from your repository EPrints User Group Sebastien Francois, Justin Bradley
The Academic Preservation Trust consortial approach to preservation and services General conference Paper Scott Turnbull, Adam Soroka
The Challenge of Archival Film: An Islandora Solution for Big Video Fedora User Group Mark Cooper, Heather Heckman
The Czech Digital Library - Fedora Commons based solution for aggregation, reuse and dissemination of a digital content General conference Poster Martin Lhotak
The Demonstration Test Catchment Archive: a progress report Fedora User Group Richard Gartner, Michael Haft, Mark Hedges
The Digital Preservation Network: Architecture, Processes and Policies General conference Paper David Minor, Tom Cramer, James Simon, Scott Turnbull
The Great Data Continuum General conference Paper Anusha Ranganathan, Neil Jeffries
The Heterogenous Zone: Five use cases for five research data collections in Edinburgh DataShare DSpace User Group Robin Rice
The Jorum Paradata Enhancement Project: Integrating Discovery and Usage Analytics for Open Educational Resources General conference Paper Richard Jones, Sarah Currier
The Repository as Data (Re) User: Hand Curating for Replication General conference Poster Limor Peer
The ResourceSync Framework for Resource Synchronization Workshops and tutorials Simeon Warner
The sharing and re-use of research data and outputs via the application of RADAR, The Glasgow School of Art’s research repository EPrints User Group Robin Burgess
The Virtual Skeleton Database: An open access repository for biomedical research and collaboration General conference 24x7 Michael Kistler, Marcel Pfahrer, Roman Niklaus, Viktor Tomas, Philippe Büchler
Training, the (not so) secret key to repository survivability General conference 24x7 Bess Sadler, Mark Bussey
Trust in Repositories: Building and Measuring Trustworthiness Using TRAC General conference Paper Nancy McGovern
Turning the Page on Digital Content Fedora User Group Donald Moses, David Wilcox
UCARIS: Developing a research information system for a specialist arts institution EPrints User Group Carlos Silva, Leigh Garrett, Ann Spalding