The sharing and re-use of research data and outputs via the application of RADAR, The Glasgow School of Art’s research repository

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The Glasgow School of Art
EPrints, Repository, RADAR, Visual Arts, Data Re-use
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For the past two years the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) have been heavily involved in improving the management of their research outputs. They have been supported through funding from JISC that enabled them to develop an improved research repository, moving away from a standard Filemaker Database to an EPrints enabled repository system. Much of the initial development of the repository focused on the ability to embed the system within the research ethos at GSA. This has been enhanced and aided by web based technology and help from ScreenMedia a web design company. More recently however, the focus has shifted towards the management of the data within the repository in relation to its use on an internal and external scale, so not just for the institution, but for interested parties.

This paper describes the processes and actions The Glasgow School of Art have undertaken to embed RADAR and utilise the data from the system more.

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