Coming Soon: Registration

Just a note for all of our aspiring conferences attendees who might be clicking around the site looking for a place to get registered: It's not available just yet.

Registration will open up sometime in the next couple of months, and we will announce it far and wide (i.e., we'll blog about it and mention it on Twitter). We want to encourage early registration, both for the conference itself and for your travel and accommodations, so you can get a really fabulous trip lined up.

Come Play on CrowdVine

Just like OR2012 and OR2011 before us, we've set up a social network for the conference using CrowdVine, a slick little online service for creating custom social networks.

An Invitation to OR2013

OR2013 organizers John Eden and Mark Leggott, giving a little presentation during OR2012 on the ins and out of Prince Edward Island:

How to Get Here

We have a short page of recommendations up on how to travel to the Island - a process that we think can be just as enjoyable of staying here.

Okay, maybe just almost as enjoyable.

Announcement of Open Repositories 2013

The University of Prince Edward Island, and DiscoveryGarden are pleased to announce that Prince Edward Island has been selected as the location for Open Repositories 2013!

Islands are often viewed as isolated and insular, but those that live on islands think differently: Island life is all about Community. Join us on Prince Edward Island in July 2013 to discuss the next generation of repositories. This will be the first Open Repositories Conference in Canada and what better place to make history than the historic birthplace of Canadian Confederation.